Thursday, January 16, 2014

Welcome to craftEdaze!!

Hello craftE world!!

To start things off, here is a brief introduction of craftEdaze...

When I (Colleen) was pregnant with my son, who is now 18-months-old, my sister, Kati and I started a tradition of getting together every Wednesday to hold our weekly "Craft Day." It began with making small crafts with my, then, 3-year-old daughter like this Lorax-inspired craft for Dr. Seuss' birthday.

Truffula Trees inspired by this post from zakka life

When the Pinterest explosion of 2012 hit my computer screen, I started pinning all of these amazing craftE projects, and I became to think, "sure, I could do that!"

My sister and I pinched our pennies, couponed like mad, and bought our very first sewing machine together!! We decided on the Brother cs6000i because, although neither of us had sewn since our 7th grade Home-EC class (yep, that was 15 years ago...I had absolutely no idea how to turn a sewing machine on, yet alone use it!!), we wanted to leave room to grown. That's when the adventure truly began for me! :)

I started sewing up a storm! I made burp cloths, wash cloths, hooded towels, Taggie blankets, and Binky clips for my new baby boy. Of course, my daughter needed one of everything for the "baby girl in her tummy" too! In case you were wondering...YES, she still believes she was actually pregnant with this precious baby doll.

Meet baby Ella! Ella was waiting for her new "Mommy" in the hospital when my son was born. 
By the time my son was born, and I had 2 kids at home, I just couldn't will myself to return back to work. I reassessed our expenses and joined the stay-at-home-mom club! That lasted about a month. Don't get me wrong, I truly cherish being at home with my kids, but I just felt like I needed to contribute some small bit monetarily. I had already jumped on the extreme-coupon bandwagon about a year prior during my quest to coupon for a "free baby." While that was satisfying and, honestly, ADDICTING, it just wasn't the same as earning that bi-weekly paycheck. I felt guilty every time I needed to make even the smallest purchase for myself (like buying clothes that actually FIT after my son was born).

That's when we took another leap and opened up our Etsy shop, craftEdaze!! Kati started selling her button earrings and I simply listed all of the doll items and toys that I had already been creating for my daughter.

Kati and I cannot wait to share our adventures in crafting, couponing, and being moms with you!!  

Let the journey continue...  

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